Should Grocery Stores Consider Student Discounts, Helping Students To Eat Healthier.

Students need discounts at stores. onlinejobsforsrudents.org

“Online Jobs for Students are all about supporting students health and future.”

GRIFFIN AYERS, a Daily Evergreen columnist May 16, 2019, has this delicious article and I have to support this all the way! 

We are on the same team when it comes to looking out for students and getting the communities to focus on helping students along the way through their journey in college.

Why Are Students Eating Unhealthy Foods?

Onlinejobsforstudents.org wants to look out for students health as we know many of them are not eating healthy, mostly due to cost, and “Simple foods on the go” is what I call the quick bite of food.

Mostly these type of foods remains full of preservatives, sugar, fat, carbs. Eating right while you are young keeps your body healthier and less prone to health issues later on.

Unhealthy Eating Caused Diabetes

It is to easy while in college to grab easy food on the go which is usually full of preservatives, and unhealthy. Would students eat healthier if they had store discounts?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The report finds that as of 2015, 30.3 million Americans – 9.4 percent of the U.S.population –have diabetes.

Supply and Demand

I do know why organic is more costly to buy. It is supply and demand. There are fewer people eating healthier so the cost will be higher. If everyone goes organic, the cost will go down. Organic would be a healthier way to feed our families. 

I truly believe prices could go down if our economy was not so much in debt. Stores, Merchants, Wholesale and Retail stores have to charge a higher price as inflation grows and the national debt increases.

Go Green, Make A Difference

As Americans can do something about before it leads us into a recession because this economy cannot live on credit alone as our Nations Revolving Debt is 57%. 

Think about it for a minute. The farmer buys the seed to plant the corn and pay the water bill. The farmer using the tractor and truck carrying the goods both use a credit card to pay for the gas. The retail store selling the goods pays for them with credit, and lastly, the consumers pay for their food with credit cards.

Now since the US has 57% revolving credit, that means more than half of the US is not paying off their credit cards monthly. WE NEED CASH FLOWING INTO OUR ECONOMY, NOT JUST CREDIT. How long do you think we can hold up?

So by giving discounts to students at stores, maybe they would be willing to use cash, more so than credit as I hope students learn to invest. You can use the cash, pay off your student loans, and be like other investors, putting the green into the economy and hopefully we can stop a near future recession from happening. 

Debts Not Services? Scary

Think about what Debts not serviced could mean. This in itself can create a storm with huge snowball effects. Analysist are predicting a recession next year some are saying worse due to the trends of the economy.

According to NewStatesmenAmerica, Grace Blakeley wrote in the economic section, “Private debt, meanwhile, has resurged in many countries – notably in China, Australia, Canada and some of the Nordic states – and many emerging markets are now in debt distress (meaning they have defaulted or cannot service their debts),” (Grace Blakeley).

Be Free From Revolving Credit, learn Forex Trading

Be free from revolving credit and learn how to do pips in the Forex Market, start investing in your future and try using cash as much as possible. For beginners I suggest Forex. The easiest market out there to get you a jump start on your trading.

I started with $100. Every trade is not a win, no one can pull that off but when your winnings are greater than your losses making pips, you will build wealth fast.

forex tradind with pips online jobs for students.org

“I focus on helping students invest by teaching them different ways they can invest, so they can make the right investment choice for their future.”

Buying Penny Stocks at the right time could set you up for life. Right now, while pot stocks are hot, do your research, analyze companies. See what their stock margin is if there is high cash flow or investors have a huge input.

Do Not Buy Stocks On a Hunch

Do not ever buy stocks on a hunch, that is gambling and this is business, your future! Look at the trends in your charts; 5 minutes, last hour, day, month, 3 months, 6 month and year-long trend. I go a little overboard, but it helps me to make good decisions.

Try Robinhood for Free Trading

Ally is awesome for online baking and practice trading with a free trading account 


Here are some coupons to help students out. You can sign up with this website, no spam to get coupons.


Coupos for onlinejobsforstudents.org

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 I hope you take advantage of investing in your future and the coupons I provided. You can get FREE trading Advice from Ally and FREE Paper Trading to practice with.



Your friend,

Sheri Merrick


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Signature Image Sheri Merrick Online Jobs for Students.org

Author: Sheri M

I am a student myself. I know the struggles people can have so I want to help students along the way with good online jobs, discounts and investing in your future. We may not get social security, and if you want to retire early, I advise start investing in your future today.


  1. I am inspired by your mission on helping young adults out. I still remember how tight the money was when I went to college. The tuition were so expensive so I had to pick up bartending gigs just to get some extra cash and food (they feed you). I still owe some money to the student loan, thank god I am almost done with it. This is a great idea, I really hope that all the grocery stores will give student discounts if you show them your college id. That would save a lot of money on food. However, they are going to get their hands dirty and start cooking some healthy meals as well. This is a great start and I wish you all the best. I will make sure to share your Coupon link to people that I know.


    1. Thank you Nuttanee. I am working on getting discounts for insurance for cars, medical, renters and if you can think of any you would like me to get, just let me know.

  2. Helping the youth particularly students to be thrifty, save money if ever they can, and even investing in a business are good ideas and I appreciate your thinking of being a responsible individual.

    One question I would ask which came to my mind as I was reading your article. Is it advisable for students especially those who are economically rigid to take the chances in Forex Trading since this takes some expertise to keep you from budget lose? 

    1. You should do Forex if you know what you are doing. I am going to be adding How To Do Forex Trading. Until then., what I suggest is check out my other page where you can get free cryptocurrency and some convert to cash. I know someone who has made $7,000 doing so. This can give you a start and if you need more information on how to get a wallet, let me know. Usually, each coin you sign up for will help you get the wallet for that coin.


  3. Great article. I support the idea of grocery stores giving student discounts 100%. It will greatly help them make both ends meet. Especially for those students that need to juggle between work and studies just to get a good degree. If they can, they can also consider investment. They just have to make sure they can support it and they can afford time to make it grow.

    1. Thank you for responding. Glad I can help

      When you learn forex trading it is the most consistent and when you learn how to use the Fibonacci tool, you can set stop limits and stop losses to keep from losing all your money. This tool will trigger when to buy and when to see so you just have to set it up which takes only minutes if you know what trade you are going to do. You can also get free cryptocurrency coins as new ones come out, so many are given away for promotions. They can be turned into the currency of your country is supported. I had stated before I know someone who has made $7,000 after cashing in.

      Here is information to get free coins 


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