Students – Spend Green Get Rid of Plastic Debt

Students – Spend Green, Get Rid of Plastic Debt

Hello everyone! Today I want to talk about debt, getting out of it and staying out. This technique may not be for everyone, it is always good to do your research and make decisions on your own.

It is much better to spend green money and get rid of plastic debt. When you are having to use plastic to spend, that means you do not have enough to spend green. Being able to spend green and rarely having to use plastic except to book a hotel means you are in a much better position financially. Would you like to be in this position and have your student loans paid off?

All the information I give you is truthful, to the best of my knowledge through experience and research and trying different things myself.

Students, I found a way to spend green and get rid of plastic debt. Credit is hurting the economy in the way of revolving credit because it is not getting paid back. Think how much further this economy will run on credit, people not getting paid. You can make good money with what I am about to tell you and we can try and save our economy from a worse crash than in the early 1920s.

Invest In Your Future Without Creating Debt. Are your credit cards building up as you wait for your next loan to pay them off? No sooner than you have your credit cards paid down, your bill is back up there again, vicious cycle.

How To Get Out of Debt

You are probably thinking about your school debt and your credit card debt. You do not want to go to school, just to get more in debt by the time you get out. I felt the same way until I found a job that I could work for myself 2-3 hours a day and trade in the forex, cryptocurrency, stocks and penny stocks 1 hour in the morning. I alternate stocks, depending on what they are doing.

Keep reading because I have a treat for you at the end

It is not difficult to learn, and you will never win 100% of the time, but adding in your stop losses and learning first in Forex trading because they have a couple of patterns they continually follow.

Stop-loss keeps you from losing all your money, all most breaking even, but your wins outdo your losses, so you are always ahead if you follow the techniques of the day traders I recommend. I know they work.


Now is the time to stop using credit as credit just builds up, it becomes negative money you have to pay back;  invest in your future without creating debt

I think credit was introduced to sidetrack us from investing. People will depend on cards, keeping the economy in debt, people not thinking of ways to make money as they did long ago.

Saving for Retirement

To some, college is important as they think about getting a good job with benefits. Although statistically, most young adults do not think deeply about their retirement, how to save and truly invest as our grandfathers did.    

What happened to the Future Investments from our Grandfather?

Our grandfathers worked hard and planed their future investments with pensions and stocks, leaving their children not much to worry about as they left a healthy chunk of change behind. 

Many parents never reinvested, thinking there would always be good pensions in companies. If parents knew now what they knew then, they would have reinvested, I would think. I see so many young investors, 8,9,10 years old today, trading in cryptocurrency exchanges.

Very smart as they see the trend, just like the computers were and no one believed. SMART KIDS!

What would your retirement be if you started investing today?

According to USA TODAY, if you start investing today, a Millennial has a salary of $32,000 with an annual pay hike of 2%, initial contribution rate 5%, an annual investment return of 7% with a target retirement age 65 and start investing at 23 a healthy retirement of $1,217,206. If they wait till age 32, only half the investment of $602,096. 

  Many companies that used to offer a pension which is long gone to the employees today. thought this would be something companies would always offer. Recessions set back companies, finding ways to recover, retirement funds are different.

Not contemplating there would not be many companies that offered pensions (the company invests for the employee), only a 401 K (the employees choose to opt-in or out of stocks, managing their own retirement).

The Recessions

“The 2001 recession lasted eight months, from March to November. It was caused by a boom and subsequent bust in dot-com businesses. The boom was partially created by the Y2K scare in 2000.

Companies bought billions of dollars’ worth of new

software because they were afraid the old systems weren’t designed to transition from 1999 to the 2000s. But many dot-com businesses were significantly overvalued and failed,” (The Ballance, History of Recessions in the United States).

This era of recessions caused companies to no longer offer full pensions. Some companies offer to put a certain amount towards IRAs and stocks, others offer to invest a % into stocks and or IRAs after the employee has put a set amount aside, to invest first.

Recessions have caused America to turn to plastic more than money. Some lose jobs or are not making enough money after a crash and became depended on credit cards. Cards get maxed out, consumers not paying their bills as they should.

Did you hear what maybe coming?

The trend has been about every 10 years we go into a recession, and the next one could be worse than the great depression as some analyst are saying because of all the 57% debt America owes on credit. The country cannot run on credit alone.

Collect Green, Not Debt

Collect Green, Not Debt! It is up to all of us to make a change before the economy crashes from too much debt. Besides, would you rather have the money instead of relying on a credit card that puts you in debt before you even leave college?

It only takes a little money to get started to creating wealth or whatever your comfort zone is, and maybe together we can try to start a new trend, “CASH NOT PLASTIC” or “COLLECT GREEN, NOT DEBT!”


Not Again?

After A Market Crash

What usually happens after the market crashes, is people lose their money in stocks or Forex Trading because someone else or a broker that really does not care about your money, he or she made their commission.

Therefore, your investments were not protected as they were played out. Brokers sadly (not really) say “Your money is gone.” (not all Brokers suck).



I am here to tell you that if you control your own investing, you are protecting your investments. It takes little time 1-2 hours, three days a week, to make a daily income online as a trader.

What I know now, I can protect my future investments, and make more money doing day trades that take at most maybe 2 hours of your time. This allows me to spend more green than to use plastic keeping me from becoming more in debt.

By 7:30 in the morning you can make a few hundred or a few thousand, even more, depending on your trade. I like Forex trading which is a much larger market, trading all the currency in the world, and it always has continual, repetitive trends.


There are easy trends that continually work like clockwork in Forex, you set your trades in the morning, knowing they will be safe with stop losses, then when your trade goes through before the end of the day, they go back into an account and your money is safe.

Start with Forex trading, as it is the simplest kind of trading. Companies like Ally Investing will give you a paper account free to practice before using real money. Forex Tred Scanner is a special system that can map out the best trades for you.


  • Investing in Forex is an easy way to make money. It is not difficult to learn.
  • We need cash flowing to better this economy.
  • Social SecurityMost likely there will be no Social Security.
  • Invest in your future today– It is not a matter if, it is when we have a credit crisis recession, it will be like the great depression and linger on. You need back up.
  • Cryptocurrency-You can trade in Bitcoin on the Forex. You do not have to buy a whole Bitcoin, as it trades on Forex along with Ethureum.


If we could get people to pay with cash and not plastic (credit), we would start taking back our investing power. Using Bitcoins, Ripple or Ethereum to make payments instead of credit, we can start to turn the economy around.

Create a business through
Cash, Bitcoin Create Wealth, Not Plastic

Credit card debt is a way to control our money as we use more debit, while the smart investors are building their wealth with cash, and only use a credit card if they can pay it off right away. Like booking a trip, buying materials needed for renovations. Investors pay it before the bill comes than keep putting cash back into the economy, including Cryptocurrency.


You should only use credit when you can pay it off right away an leave at least 65% or more on your card. If you use all your credit on your card because you had to rent a car with a credit card, like I said, send in your payment right away. People say we need credit to buy a home. If your investing right, NO YOU DO NOT! You can use cash.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple

Bitcoin, Ethureum, Ripple are starting to climb again. There are take-offs of these coins called altcoins. I think these coins are what is going to start to fix the deficit and it will take ver the US dollar. Why do I think that?


You create future wealth through Cash, Bitcoin, credit puts you in debt”

Although investing cryptocurrency is huge in the picture and transforming the way we use money, there are top coins to buy. Bitcoin, Ethureum, Ripple, Stella are a few of the best. I would invest $500 in bitcoin and $500 in Ethureum.

Lastly, 250 into Ripple and Stella as they are not even $1 for one. There are cryptocurrency ATM machines and merchants along with Chase Bank accepting cryptocurrency.

Our dollar is not worth much, the US is in so much debt. China and Japan used to buy our deficit, not anymore. Too much money is revolving in credit and it is hurting the US because people do not pay back or pay off their credit every month. This hurts the banks and economy.

The Myth Of Market. Trends, & Patterns for Trading FOREX

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What You Get in the BOOK

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Disclaimer: No financial advice is given or implied. Information provided for educational purposes only. Trading involves risk of loss and may not be suitable for everyone. Never trade with money you can’t afford to lose. There is no guarantee that you will profit from your trading activity. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Author: Sheri M

I am a student myself. I know the struggles people can have so I want to help students along the way with good online jobs, discounts and investing in your future. We may not get social security, and if you want to retire early, I advise start investing in your future today.

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