Do I have your attention now?

I am a student myself, and although a little or a whole lot older, I had to create this website for students that want to work for themselves, make good money, work fewer hours. Jobs and more means that I can offer you jobs, discounts and ways to invest to help your future.

Let me introduce myself. I am Sheri, 49, about to graduate college with my Business Degree. I like education, investing and trading in stocks as I have trained myself and with mentors.

I also really like the fact I found a way to help students so they do not have to struggle through the whole work at home, online jobs process as you weed out the bad. Do I have your attention?

Work Fewer Hours, Make Good Money

I have discovered jobs to work fewer hours and make good money. I have been getting educated in ways to invest in my future and I wanted to share with you. With the combination of the jobs, I found for you and investing, you are on your way to financial freedom.

As we go along this journey, if there is something I just have been educated on, I will let you know and share with you.

I Want You Attention Because I can Help You

There are a few things I want to let you know as well there are going to be great discounts and ways to learn to invest in your future. I will be getting that information out to you this week. I think the trading platforms will be easy for you to use.

I do not know about you, but to have someone teach you different ways to invest so you can make money quickly if you’re not careless is a pretty cool thing.

I will never let another broker touch my future again when I am more in control of my gains and losses. Trading and Real-Estate are one of the fewer ways to secure your future you will learn more later this week.

 I have started my business online as my mission is:

“Helping students along the way to get the grade and guiding them towards a debt-free tomorrow .”

I hope I grabbed your attention as I know college is time-consuming rather you are going traditional or online. Face it, college students could use any extra time that can be made available to them.

I knew if I was going to make it through college, I had to find a way to make good money and not have to work as much.

 I have come across jobs while I was researching and there are so many scams out there. Left and right scammers trying to get me to sign up for this or that trying to convince me they were not a scam, and I would make thousands in a day.

Not Falling For The Scandals

We are college students, we are not dumb and falling for those scandals. We really have to be careful and pay attention these days. I did pay attention to who was going to rob me blind, if the job was legitimate, how many hours would I have to work. Would I make good money?

 I found jobs that can help you while in college and news that could change your life as a student, but first I want to give you reasons why you should trust me.


I have worked for companies, and not being able to manage my time as I needed was frustrating. Trying different avenues that I will have to go back to later, once I get more money in my pocket; like real-estate.

Along the way, I and had my struggles to find a good balance with work and school. Getting papers done by due dates or extra time to study for that test.

I knew I had to find a job that made me money by working a few hours as possible, so I could focus more on school and my grades.

Give yourself more time

What I Did to Help Myself Through School Along the Way

I had to do something to help myself to make school easier along the way and I wanted to work for myself. I was unsuccessful in the past in starting the right business and ended up working for other people. Not happy about it.

So, I went back to college after my youngest daughter joined the marines to get my bachelor’s degree and found Wealthy Affiliates (WA) along the way. I should say someone at (WA) found me. I had found the business THAT COULD HELP ME MAKE MONEY WORKING FEWER HOURS.

What My Business Has Done for Me

My new business and investing in my future gave me the time I needed in college and to take care of the newest family member who entertains me quite well. I had bought my daughter a pot-belly pig and she named him Cosmo.

He has been with us 4 years now since he was a baby and he has grown on me. He sits, counts to 10, shakes his head yes or no to answer questions, fetches, shakes, gives kisses and hugs.

I would not get to have the time with him, school, trading stocks first thing in the morning or just the chance to be around the house, without my online business. 

How I Can Help Others

I started up my online business to help other college students, so they would not have to struggle as much with work, time, money and the balancing act of all three.

My website is designed to help students who are interested in making good money and they can keep this job while in school, make a business out of it if they want or just to have something they enjoy doing. Your website can be a hobby making money for you.

Do Not Make This Mistake

When WA rescued me, I was trying other affiliate programs and had to build my own platform. I all most did not give WA a chance because I had already spent over $300 just in building the platform I needed and had to build for my business and training.

This does not count the money these companies pull you in with saying it is only $99 to join, then not being upfront about the thousands of dollars in upgrades and training some of these companies are asking for.

I decided I was going to give Wealthy Affiliate a chance and start over, and if it did not work out, I would have the products I paid for to finish the platform that I have paid for a year. I left those companies behind me.

Free, You Can Go Pro for Under $50, No Obligation

If I have your attention, now you will see the different jobs you can do. When you decide then you can walk through and create your own website for free. If you want more than two free websites, than it will cost you pennies on the dollar for your business.

I am talking under $50 a month for 25 websites, spam and virus protection. These websites make money while doing homework, going to a game while playing in a band and even sleeping at night.

FREE Training

There is also free training at Wealthy Affiliate so you can give it a whirl and see how you like having your own website. Kyle will walk you through step by step at your pace to set up your website. Sounds too good to be true? It is not. This is why I had to share this with you.


Affiliate marketing can help you to have a good income, create your own business if you want to. Affiliate Marketing can give you extra time and money in your pocket, so you can spend your time more useful and save your dollars for investing in your future, pay bills or have extra money for entertainment purposes as we all need a break occasionally.

What Kind of Jobs Can You Get?

There are many great paying jobs as I will be posting jobs you see listed below OR here. You will need to have your own website. Do not worry, I can help you get started for free. You can have a great time with your site, building the way you want it and get paid. This training is so simple a 5-year old can do it.


Journalism- Write about things you are passionate about. Write about news going on in your school, community or your sports teams. 

Blog- Blog about things you love, showing off your sports teams at school. 

Writers-Publish stories, books or news

Reviewing Products comparing products, going to the movies and comparing different movies. 

Compare different restaurants or club’s and get paid for that.

Promote- Promote products for companies online or traditional companies

Affiliate Marketing- Find a nitch (1 thing you are passionate about like I am helping students) and build a website based on your nitch.

Being a Writer- Put your skills to test and see how people will respond to you. Writing content and publishing on your own website.

Entrepreneur- If you have an idea like any of these give it a chance and see where it will go.

Inventor- If you invented something and I would get your patent first, then promote your own website to market your brand or idea.

If you are interested in any of these jobs, click here you will have your own website to promote the job you have chosen.

Students I Hope I Have Grabbed Your Attention

There no easier way to get started to have your own company, work your own hours while in school. You can carry your business with you through life, just keep updated, you can sell it if it is successful. You start getting your name or brand known.


Opportunities are you can eventually merge with bigger companies or sell your business to top companies if you do great in your business. You can become a famous journalist or writer.

Having a website about your own invention and showing it off, you can see how your audience will respond to your invention.

You can be a blogger or journalist and write about school teams, showing off players whom you think are awesome and help them get recognized by scouts. You could change someone’s life! Students do I have your attention now?

My Thoughts

I had thought many ways I could help students. Though my main goal was to save students time and make good money, there are ample opportunities across the board, I wanted to share and give you ideas that could change your life or someone else’s for the better.

I am a Christian wanting to help students and I only expect for you to use your extra time wisely, and make straight A’s. I know you can because you will have the time now.

So You Know

Just so you know, it could take just a little time to get your site making money. It could be the next day or two months out, it is up to you on how you build it.

Kyle will help you get indexed in Google right away which is difficult for others to do. He has a trick up his sleeve to make it happen. It has over a million people who started their own business.

Go for It

I am graduating in a few months. My website is new, but I hope to help other students along the way. If I can do it, you can too! I look forward to meeting you all!

Best of luck, your Wealthy Affiliate,