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“Helping Students Along The Way”

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“Helping Students Along the Way”

I feel privileged helping students along the way find hot jobs, and more with discounts, and investment opportunities for you.

Remember, I am building this site as I go. Most people start out with one job, but I am jumping in with one big topic that I have so much to cover. I think you will like being the owner of your company as well. Building on your dreams and information you can give others will make you very successful.

Jobs for Students

These are Hot Jobs for students, which can become an entrepreneur business or you can create a hobby and make money.

Job search for students

Blogger– You can blog about your sports team in college, or whatever you want to blog about, now you can have your own blogging site.

Writer– If you are a writer and want to write stories or create your own magazine even a news feed, do not wait, go for it! Whatever you like to write about there are over a million people from all over who can give you honest feedback as you go along.

Publisher– There are companies looking for publishers and pay you well.

Affiliate Marketer- Create a NITCH that interest you and sell products for other companies around you NITCH. You do not keep stock, you just add links to your website, pages or posts that direct the consumer over to the company and they do the rest and you collect money.

Reviews- If you like to write reviews about movies, stores, products, then you can build your website based on reviews, getting paid for a simple job as that.

Journalist- Make a website about you and stories you cover. It could be as simple as writing stories about functions at school, your school sports teams. You see a great athlete, you could be the one to get that person recognized by a coach, scout or sponsors, changing their life in a big way.

Photographer- If you are a photographer, or just love taking pictures, create yourself a website to show them off, sell your pictures in frames or many bloggers and affiliate marketers are always looking for great photos.

Artist- Build a website to show your art.  Get yourself out there so people can see your art and the face behind the work, or do not show your face, either way, this is a good place to start. Have yourself a nice art gallery.

Your Nitch– If any of these jobs are not appealing to you, you can create a website based on something you are learning about, something you have a lot of knowledge about. If you have a nitch about something you love like riding bikes, hiking, running, dogs, school, anything your heart desires, you can build a website and make money.

Inventor- Do you have a creation you have patterned and want to sell your product? Create your website around your product. Get your product out there or have a survey website so you can send surveys around communities to see if your product is something people would buy.


These are good jobs that can help you along the way of making a good income by building your websites, adding links from companies who pay you to advertise for them. Links to other companies as you advertise for them on your website is how you can make money as your website grows.

Helping With Homework Assignments
Need Help With Homework Assignments?

Are Most Students Curious About Entrepreneur Jobs?

Most students are curious about entrepreneurship jobs. Jobs that can make good money, working fewer hours a day. These may be jobs you have your heart set on or one you are curious about. Either way, you can work as many hours as you like, make your trademark be known, show off your book you just wrote, blog, show off your artwork, whatever you want to do.

How to Get Started

We are helping students along the way while in school and when they leave. Give yourself a head start above everyone else and start your career out today. These jobs come with Free training and 2 Free Websites. Just click on the guide below for further instructions.

You will have Kyle walking you through how to build your sites, a 5-year-old can do this, seriously.  You will be building a website to get your business off the ground and you will make money on your website.

 This means while you are doing homework, playing sports, practicing with your band and even sleeping, you can be making money.

Just to let you know, a five-year-old can do this, and it is up to you how long you want to take to build it. It can be a day or a week, depending o your schedule and how quickly you can make it happen.

See If This Job Is for You

To be upfront with you, I am going to tell you your choice of avenues now. Do not worry, it is nothing juristic. Just see if having your own business is what you really want, build your websites FREE, and as I said, since it does not cost anything for the 2 websites and training, it is worth a try! You also get virus protection along with your business.

If you are sincere about your business, I suggest as soon as you can, get the premium which is $18 dollars the first month to see how you like it, then $49 a month thereafter. No more hidden costs. What you get is 25 websites, help 24 hours a day, spam and virus protection. So, so much more, just go here to see what all you get.

How Much Can You Make?

Do not forget, as your business grows, you are making money along the way as your site gets known. Some people make over 10,000 a month, you can make $50 or about average is $2,000 to $5000 a month. It is up to your ad you get your name is known the sooner you start.

This is where I am starting. I am building this website as I go to help students because I have found ways that really help me, and I want to do the same for you.

However, you want to build your business, it is yours to build as you like. As you can see there are many ways you can own your own business online. It just depends on what inspires you. I do not think you are going to be able to start a business for any less

Too Good To Be True?

This may sound too good to be true, it is because people do not help people in this time and age anymore. This is absolutely 100% legit. We like to see people start out free in case they decide it is not for them, This is what I am talking about when I say there is a good job for anyone interested in working for themselves, being an entrepreneur.

You can start for free to see if your business is going to be something you truly want. Having a business is not for everyone and we do not know until we try. If it is, $49 dollars a month is nothing for business expenses. You can even comment on other sites and basically pay $10 a month for your platform. UNHEARD OF!  

If this sounds like something you want to try out then click below. I wish you the best of luck in your new business.

Join Us Today To Help You Become A Successful Business Owner. Try Us Out For Free T See If This Is For You. We Can Help You Decide On A Business.
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I am a student myself. I know the struggles people can have so I want to help students along the way with good online jobs, discounts and investing in your future. We may not get social security, and if you want to retire early, I advise start investing in your future today.

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