Helping Students Along the Way

“How I am helping students along the way while in school and after graduation”

This new website for students is to help you with jobs, so you can work fewer hours, to give you more time. Time can be used for studies, sports, or however you can use the extra time.

Helping students along the way with discounts, and ways towards investing in your future today, leaving you debt free tomorrow. (tomorrow is a figure of speech, but very near future).

Going to school, keeping up on your favorite sports, paying bills, and finding a job to fit into your time management schedule that pays decent enough to live on can be overwhelming at times. This is where I come in to help you.

College Expenses

As new students in a college, it is very costly getting everything you need from school supplies to live’s necessities.

There is the cost of living, car payments, car insurance, and even renters insurance which is a good idea to protect your assets. Renters insurance also covers your vehicle if it is broken into ad property stolen, so it is worth having.

3 Types of InsuranceYou May

Do You have renters insurance?

If you rent, you need renters insurance, if you drive, car insurance, and for your physicals, medical insurance. I am helping students along the way to find some of the best discounts on insurance coverage.

Renters insurance is especially good to have if you are going to school in a metropolitan area where crimes are higher.

Renters Insurance

Helping students find the right insurance coverage with the best prices is important as insurance is expensive. Renters insurance is important to have as it protects your car as well as your home.

House and car damage after a Hurricane
After a Hurricane

Find out what kind of insurance the company or owner has on the property because if you are in a place where floods can occur, tornados, mudslides or earthquakes, the owner probably has insurance to cover property damage, but you want to make sure your property is covered.

During a flood
After a Flood
After an Earthquake
After a Earthquake

Renters insurance covers your car if it is broken into where you are living. If anything gets stolen from where you are living you get it replaced or if someone gets hurt on your property by slipping on ice or dog bite.

Make sure the insurance you get has coverage for a flood if you are in a flood zone. Sometimes companies have flood insurance separate. If your policy states you have coverage, find out what kind It may be only for structural damage, and the owner should have insurance for that.

Renters Insurance does not cost much, and it is a good idea to buy. Replacing computers, jewelry, watches, cameras, pictures and what else you have of value can be costly to replace. Although some things in life are not replaceable.

Do You Need Affordable Car Insurance?

Many students drive and although your insurance should start going down some because of your age, there are still insurance companies charging students too much. This week, I will be finding the car insurance that is affordable, save you money and is good insurance.

Health Insurance

Most students are on their parent’s health insurance while in college. There are different types of insurances. Those struggling to get by in school, needing insurance, you can apply for Medicaid. Click here to apply for Medicaid.

Things Needed

Furthermore, there are classes to be paid for, books to be bought, maybe a new computer and the software for it, finding a place to rent with a job close by. You will like the online jobs I have for you.

Students Can Use The Help

Students need a website that can help them get discounts on computers, software, insurance, school supplies; all your necessities that are needed in college come with costs.

I am on the hunt to find you the best discounts possible in all areas of your life. Is there something specific you need help finding? Please let me know.

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Invest In Your Future Here

Investing in Your Future

This website will also give you investment opportunities. We do not know how much longer social security will be around, so it is a good idea to start vesting into your future now. Insurance

There are penny stocks, long term, and short term investments. I have been making money in cryptocurrency and it is a fun investment to get into. Bitcoin will go up again and if you do not have $5300 to buy one, you can buy just a piece of one and still make huge profits. For more on Bitcoin, click on the coin

With any investments in the stock market, they can go up or down. With proper training, learning stop losses, your gains can outweigh losses if you are taught correctly, leaving you to start building on your retirement.

Stop losses keep you from losing all your gains. No one has a perfect 100% no loss in trading. It is simple to learn and it is worth knowing because not all brokers use stop losses and this is one way they lose all your money.

I will get more into the different ways of investing and trading, and how I think it is important to keep control of your money, not a broker, although not all are bad.

What To Look Forward To

In the next week, I will be teaching you about the different ways to invest so you can decide on what is best for you. 

Your Friend,

Sheri Merrick

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Author: Sheri M

I am a student myself. I know the struggles people can have so I want to help students along the way with good online jobs, discounts and investing in your future. We may not get social security, and if you want to retire early, I advise start investing in your future today.

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