10 Legitimate Entrepreneur Jobs for Students,Work Fewer Hours, More Time To Study, Make Good Money

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10+ Legitimate Entrepreneur Jobs  Students-Work Fewer Hours- More Time To Study-Make Good Money

Students I found the 10+ best entrepreneur jobs online working as many hours as you want to put into your company each day and making good money. On top of it, you do not have any overhead, employees are up to your need, you do not have to mail anything out.

You could use one of your subjects in school, a way you think we should Go Green, a favorite hobby or have that dream online job you wanted, you can showcase your invention or artwork. There is a multi-billion dollar industry to take a small piece of the pie in, working 2-4 hours a day, making good money.

10 Entrepreneur Jobs for College Students

Although these 10 Entrepreneur Jobs for College Students are listed, there is huge potential in the internet industry. With the potential I am about to show you, you will be making good money in no time, working 3-4 hours a day, work your own set hours. Students need a job that will work around them.

Here are 10+ great entrepreneur jobs that you could start in school making a name for yourself.

1. Journalism. As a journalist and or a writer, your website could keep people up to date with sports, choir, competitions

2. Be a Writer. You could help athletes gain the attention of scouts and coaches. Getting them noticed as you write about them during their school career getting them publicity.

3. Publisher with a website that students can publish stories, awards, from schools around your state or city or just your school.

4. Blogger. Write daily about interesting things going on around you, school, the swim team, the hockey win last night.

5. Write reviews about movies and restaurants food, plays. A lady wrote one of the first reviews on Shades of Gray. It went viral and she was paid $40,000 for 60,000 reviews. She was not expecting that. You could get products from companies, do comparison and review. Write reviews-own your own review site. Have a review on your school team with their visitors or competition

6. Affiliate Marketer. Create a nitch around a product, a school subject, health, we can help you find one that you create content around it, adding links for companies as you advertise for them, and make money just with ads on your page. You could get products to learn about them (this does not always happen, be persuasive)

8. Artist and Photographers. Create an art display for your artwork. Show it around the world. Sell if you want.

9. Own your own store without the headache of inventory with top brand names. Clothing, shoes, swimsuits, watches, hardware, you name it.

10. Inventor. Display your invention, build your website to showcase your invention. Create your own website and design.

+What you can do, it is endless. (Build a team with a journalist, writer, publisher, a blogger, a Reviewer and create a company) we can help you get started. With these positions, you would gain huge publicity, get your name known or brand your name as a sports journalist, writing about sports and events.

You could help an athlete go pro just because of an athlete you were following, he or she was picked up by a manager, scout or trainer on the professional level. ( you ought to get free tickets to all the events for that one, lol)!

How I Found These Entrepreneur Positions

I found these entrepreneur jobs by trial and error. Spending money to build platforms when I originally started with a company that said they could help me build my business for $99. That turned into hundreds and the money kept going up, I am not getting anything out of it except each step was costing me more money.

Do Not Pay Thousands for Your Business

In the end, this company wanted me to give them$10,000 I would be sure to make that back the first month. Why would I believe what they were offering when they did not even follow through with the initial $99 saying they would help me grow a business?

Fed Up With Dishonesty

I was fed up with dishonesty I was finding with some online jobs and did not think I could have the money to start my own business without spending thousands. When (WF) approached me, to help me grow my business, I thought what the heck, I will try this for free, next thing I know, I was inovating with Wealthy Affiliates (WF), as others have done. We will help your online business grow!

Why I Want To Truly Help Students

WHY I truly want to help students is because when I found out I could build my business for free, to see if that was what I wanted to do, I took a hard look at what I wanted in my business.

As a student myself, I thought this is a perfect opturtunity to jump start becoming an entrepenuer business online for other students as well. I knew I wanted to somehow help students. With my daughters and niece in college, wanting to see them or others be sucessful and eliminiating other jobs that are so stressful.

Having Your Own Business that Makes School Less Stressful

In my opinion having your own Business that Makes School Less Stressful, and makes you moneyto make it easier to focus on school as you get your business going, working it at your own pace. As a mother I am a nurturer and as a student I was in search of an online job that payed well, working fewer hours. 

Sharing Oppturnity

So naturally, I had to share opprurnity because I thought about what other students must go through, just like I have, I wanted to show others having your own business can be less stressful. By giving youself more time to study, working fewer hours, setting your own schedule around school work, and answering to your own self.

I had to share what oppturnity students could have in creating a authentic business, a clothing line, a sporting store, teaching football, dreams are unlimited as long as they are safe.

Create A Business, Use Your Imagionation

Create a business in the new technology that is coming out everyday, use your imagination as this is how Amazon got started. Teaching others something is even better.  I thought this is a perfect opptornuity so students like you will have a jump start on their business before even leaving college.

I decided to build my own website dedicated to helping students. As my site builds out, I will not only be introducing ways to be an entrepreneur but more ways to invest in a brighter future today for your tomorrow, giving you more opptornuity to make the comfortable income, growing more as an entrepenuer.

Become Debt Free

The sooner you start investing, the sooner you are debt free. Become debt free from credit cards and school loans before you are out of school or not long after.

Day Trading Is Simple Income

Day Trading Is Simple IncomeThough these techniques are not for everyone, investing is another great way to add on with your business. If you do day trading, a few moments in the morning and you can set you calls in minutes, then check on how you did at end of day. 

You can have your online business, and make another income today investing in your future. You do not have to wait till you retire, and depend on a broker who may not care and lose your future investments. LIKE I SAID, I TRULY CARE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR FUTURE. 

See why I inovated with Wealthy Affiliate

Why I Innovated with Wealthy Affiliate

I innovated with (WF) because THIS COMPANY CAME KNOCKING ON MY DOOR (email) and so tired of worthless scams or you had to pay $10,000 to get information to get your business going. (WF) were willing to let me try them out for free.

Wealthy Affiliates have over a million members and their site is real. I thought after researching them, they had to be legit with that many members and the information I found. Deciding to give them a try, I am ever so happy that I did. I was going to erase the email because it sounded too good to be true.

I did not care if the cost was free or $49.99 a month now as it is nothing towards the business cost to get your business going and have the backbone to help you through it.

I can bring you the jobs, they are the professional at getting your website up. You will have Free training and a Free website to start. I suggest when you can to pay the $18 dollars for the first month of being a premium member to see if you like everything they have to offer. YOU WILL. If you decide to stay premium, it is only $49 a month after or you can go back to the free version. Kyle not only gets you up and running, but he also teaches you how to get indexed in Google and to get front page. Some of that will take your creativity as well.

Free, $18.95, or $39.95 is nothing to have your own business going, a website with virus and spam protection, unlimited training, classes, back up if my website crashes, any question or information I need is answered ay time night or day, Affiliates from around the world willing to help get your business off the ground.

Wealthy Affiliate Deserves an Award

Wealthy Affiliate deserves an award for uniting people from around the world as over a million are like family of every authenticity. Where else so you see people working so well together doing what they love and helping each other. This amazes me in itself.

This is how you can easly start your business,,,

How To Get Started

Making Money online
Make Money Online

If one of the entrepreneur positions have you interested, I can help you get started. You can get started by first Clicking the (WA) link to get started for Free.  We are that confident if you want an online business, we want to help you get started making money, 

Your Aproach

Do not worry, if you are unsure of how you want to approach your business, you will have plenty of help to help you decide. (WA) will educate you and hold your hand through the whole process. Best of all, you could be up and running in a day or a week, depending on the time frame or your Aproach that you take to have to get your business going.

Being an Entreprenuer

Students, being an entrepreneur enables you to decide how much you want to grow your business or keep it simple. Remember, you do want to find ways to innovate with other companies that can help you grow your business or you will not stay afloat in this online world of business.

Trust me, it is not difficult at all, I knew nothing about having a business until Kyle’s FREE TRAINING, in which I instantly pain the $18 to try premium my first month. It was worth it, I have stayed at premium status, I love all that comes with it.

Final Words For You

I know a college would turn this type of training into 5 different classes and a student would have had to pay $1950 to have an education such as this; except colleges do not offer this training as the internet is continually changing with content, adds, trends.

With lots of diversity going on, keep up with trends, changes, news and you will be fine. This is how Amazon started out, and look at them now. This is such a simple way to build your business a five-year-old could follow the directions.


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email me at: sheri@onlinejobsforstudents.org

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Author: Sheri M

I am a student myself. I know the struggles people can have so I want to help students along the way with good online jobs, discounts and investing in your future. We may not get social security, and if you want to retire early, I advise start investing in your future today.

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